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Coming to a Standstill

Nov 09, 2015

It looks like it may be a hat trick, but in a negative sense. By JP Landman - Political Analyst

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Tales of Rice & Rewards

Oct 06, 2015

Periodic volatility in global markets, diverts attention away from the key components of long term investing. In times such as these, Allan Gray subtly reminds us how success is a function of time in the market and not market timing.

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Why and How to Invest Offshore

Sep 01, 2015

Investors are regularly reminded of the wisdom of investing offshore and not adopting an investment strategy that focuses only on South African assets. There are a number of compelling reasons for investing offshore.

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Opportunity Amongst Adversity

Aug 31, 2015

This is then anything but the time to sell and is instead a period of increased opportunity.....

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The Greek Saga...

Jun 30, 2015

Grab your popcorn and hold onto your seats folks, because it looks like this movie (already longer than a Tolkien trilogy) might be heading for its grand finale. While our American friends are getting ready to celebrate July 4th, it looks like we may see some fireworks from this side of the Atlantic in the coming few week also, following one of the most over-reported financial sagas in the financial press in the last 6 months (even Janet Yellen’s Facebook count has waned of late).

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